Make a U-Turn on Humility Road

“Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18 (NKJV)

Lately my journey walk with The Lord has been even more an adventurous one. The more I get close and intimate with God, the more He reveals to me about some deep undiscovered and underlying issues that are in my heart. I’m in a HUGE transition from one season to another and somehow found myself driving into Pride Avenue. I could think of quite a few explanations and scenarios of how I got there but the fact remains that I arrived.

Turning into that avenue meant leaning to MY OWN understanding and not Gods, exalting myself before Him, the stumbling and faltering steps of remaining obedient, strained and killed relationships, the destruction and disruption of the peace that surpasses all understanding. The deep spiritual and emotional breaking was definitely a VERY painful lesson and a reminder that without Him I can do nothing and that every good and perfect gift is from Him. Not me. Also, in the circumstances and paths that I would not have chosen but was the best way for me to go, I still needed to be mindful of who is sovereign. God has a plan and purpose for every single pain and frustration that I’m enduring. Instead of fighting Him, I must draw near to Him, be still, pray and worship Him and in due time, He will lift me up.

This heart issue of being prideful is destructive and counterproductive not just for myself but also for God’s Kingdom. Pride has also showed me that even though this wasn’t seen as an issue before in a previous season, it will certainly NOT be tolerated in the next one and it needed to be dealt immediately. This is especially important since I desire to serve God at the capacity that He wants me to and to do the work and will of His Kingdom. In my fallen condition, God isn’t asking for perfection but HE IS asking for PROGRESS IN HIM.

Jesus was the absolute perfect example of humility. Though He had every right to be prideful because of the power, position, and the authority given to Him, He was still a servant and humbled Himself under the will of the Father even when He faced death. He didn’t fight God or complain. He didn’t exalt Himself or made Himself better than anyone yet He did simply stated who He was in God the Father. He served in humility with authority to His disciples and still does the same for us. He also calls us to do the same with each other.

I thank God for His unfailing love, faithfulness, and mercy that even when I’m traveling down Pride Avenue and my soul’s GPS signal seems to be lost because I did not “proceed to the route” in humility after repeatedly being told to, He’s STILL there willing and waiting for me to turn back. It is when I STOP, REPENT, check my heart and ask the Holy Spirit’s help is when the signal is found. It quickly resets and I follow the direction and path that God has me on where He directs me to make a U-turn for Him which can only be found on Humility Road.





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