“Wait” Training

“But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint” Isa. 40:31 (NKJV)

Waiting has really never been one of my strengths. I’m sure one or two “Me too” statements would be entered here. I’ve told myself that I would consider myself to be a patient person but lets be honest, it truly depends on what exactly I’m waiting on. For the past year God has been teaching me HOW to wait, WHO to wait on, and WHAT to wait on. Of course, its a marathon and not a race but I still struggle in waiting.

I find myself in an exciting yet challenging time as I transition from singlessness to marriage in a matter of months. During that time of singleness, I’ve gained profound wisdom and spiritual strength in waiting. My focus somehow shifted from having things work on my timetable to following God’s, being in complete trust in Him, and resting in His promises given from Him. Yes, like quite a few single, super cute, and saved women, I had a desire to be married and felt like the sands of time in life’s hourglass were steadily dwindling on me. 30 is knocking on my door and while people in my age group had already established a 5+ year marraige and on their second baby, I was starting to feel “Undatable”.

It wasnt until I waited on God did realize that I was making an idol of marriage. I was admiring the creation instead of the creator. Secondly, God knows the desires of my heart and while this desire is a good one, I need to trust Him with my heart so He can bless me with someone who’s worthy of mine. Thirdly, God reveal some things in my heart that required some MASSIVE spring cleaning that maybe be okay in this season of singleness but WILL NOT be tolerated in the season of marriage.

Waiting on God kept me at peace. It gave me this spiritual resilience and confidence that I never knew I existed simply because I trusted in God with all I had that when others obtained what I deeply desired, I couldnt help be glad for them. My joy and contentment became more in Him. I knew that my time was coming. I wasn’t sure when but I had confidence in Christ that it would. His Holy Spirit gave me the strength and comfort to press on even when the tears, lonliness, anger came. He never left. Always there and still here. With that strength and comfort, I slowly realized, “Hey, I CAN wait. I CAN do this as long as I stay in Your will!!! THANK YOU, JESUS!!!”

Soon waiting and focusing on God with all I had took the sting of that burning desire that I wanted. My desire focused back to the creator than the creation. In waiting, I saw God’s love, faithfulness, provision, and protection. I even got some awesome correction and conviction. Before I knew it, I found myself engaged to a man that is exceedingly and abundantly MORE than I can ask or imagine. I waited what seemed like forever to some but not to me.

You may be waiting on something very special or important. I know the wait may seem like an eternity and in some cases it may be a lifetime, but friends, I encourage you to stay in the process. Wait on God. It maybe tiresome, painful, humbling, but it will be beautiful and worth it. You may even feel like a spirtual body builder after it. You’ll discover so much about youself but most importantly, you’ll discover the power, might, grace, mercy, joy, and God’s unmatched and UNFAILING LOVE for you.


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