Classic Lindsey

Greetings everyone! My name is Lindsey Nolan, in my late 20s, from southern California. FallenYetForgiven is about my adventurous journey with Christ. I’m no one special but I feel that God can use me in a special way. I gave my life to Christ in September 2012 and have been growing and walking with Him since. I found myself at a really pivotal point in life where I’m ready to share the joys and challenges of this walk with Christ as a woman. I don’t seek to be judged or condemned. I just want to share my experiences with you, get some encouragement through my walk but most importantly, encourage other women dealing with the same struggles as I am. I deeply pray that this may help, inspire, encourage you and others to keep walking out the faith. Even if I reach one person, I know that I’ve done God’s will. Thank you for taking this journey with me.

† May God Abundantly Bless You †


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